H.A. Rey's The Stars, 1962 Hardback Copy

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I've been looking at the night sky a lot of late, and when I came across this one the other day while out and about it just struck me as a great book to have around, and a lovely one too, with lots and lots of deep blue full page star maps in it. Rey's thing was redrawing the constellations to make them much more easily recognizable, and I must say, for me at least, his "new way to see them" really helps! (well, maybe not so new, the book was first published in 1952, but still!) A perfect gift for a young star-gazer, and an old one too! Photos give a good sense--the narrative text is very useful and very accessible, but it's the page after page of constellation charts and guides and star maps corresponding to different days of the year that really makes it for me.

11 5/16" x 9 1/2" w, 100 pages. Very good condition, with original desk jacket, that shows a little wear around the edges. The name of a prior owner is written on the inside cover, otherwise clean and bright. (If you prefer I send this media mail, just let me know; I will refund you the shipping difference.)