H.A Brown's c. 1940s Ink + Watercolor "Planes Problems and "Elements of Drawing" Set of 43 Plates

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This was quite an exciting thing to find yesterday in New Hampshire, and I'm listing some larger drawings by the same H.A Brown separately. The cover that held these together is detached, and a majority remain bound with thread, but the thread is easily removed to break them up, and they are in pretty much perfect, pristine condition, ready to individually frame as desired.  Though some more interesting than others, these are really gorgeous things, done for a course at MIT c. 1940s--my guess would be a design/architectural rendering class.  And, a little research leads me to the believe with quite a bit of confidence that the H.A Brown who did them is none other than Harold Brown, a "titan of real  estate in Boston for six decades" who, through his Hamilton Company, amassed more than $2.3 billion in residential and commercial real estate, primarily geared to working class families, students and medical professionals, described as "unswerving in his advocacy for moderate income housing." Brown grew up in Boston's Brookline neighborhood, attended Devotion School and then graduated from Brookline High School, earning a scholarship for drama to MIT where he graduated with a degree in metallurgical engineering. Brown died in 2019 at the age of 94.

40 drawings plus three dividing pages with text/drawings as pictured, 12 1/2" x 8 1/2" each and in truly excellent condition, bright and crisp and as if done yesterday, blank on the reverse. Once separated from their binding, there will just be several small neat holes along the left edge, which could easily be trimmed, or not. Photos show my personal favorites plus a few more that give a good sense of the remainder.  There are three section introduction pages, two with wonderful little drawings, as pictured.