Goldsmith's Natural History Abridged, 1846, Much Annotated!

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This book has be through A LOT, with names of multiple users written on different pages, a few of which have come loose, and most of which remind us it is nearly 200 years old! But what a thing, its 427 pages not just filled with engravings of animals of all sorts, but also with child-drawn pencil outlines of a handful of them and some hand-written text, too, including the note early telling us to visit page 312, where we are told not once but twice what a fool we are! And rubbings of pennies on the final pages. I habitually open old books in hopes of finding ones like this.

7 3/8" x 5" x 1 1/2". 427 pages. Condition is fairly rough as evident in photos, but it is still holding together with just a couple of loose pages,