Giant Homemade Piggy Bank with Window

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Really a fun one, which I also think is pretty genius: of course one wants to see inside a piggy bank to watch one's nickels and dimes accumulating! And this piggy is huge, meaning that to fill his belly would be to save up quite a load of change. I'm a huge believer in teaching kids to save their pennies toward ultimately buying something they really want, and this bank is about the best I've ever seen in providing both incentive and reward for that! 

15 5/8" wide x 10 5/8" tall x 2 15/16" thick. Wood with plexiglass window, large slot on top and cork stopper on bottom, which shows a little loss but is still in good shape, holds tight, and pulls out easily. Royal blue paint, with white on the underside of feet. Perfectly imperfect, with some paint drips and a few spots of white paint also here and there.