Folk Art Abe Lincoln Doll with Very Long Fingers!

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It is absolutely the very very long sculpted paper fingers on this Abe Lincoln that sold me on him, but I love most every detail of him head to toe. His body is made of what seems to be a sort of molded cardboard, which includes a recessed forehead, which might be original to him as it seems quite Lincoln-esque, or he might have taken a ding to it at some point. Crepe paper for his hair and beard, and shoes, and then hand-sewn suit and linen shirt, including French cuffs. Really quite a thing, and as far as past presidents go, Lincoln seems a pretty good one to have around.

10 3/4" t x 3 3/8" w x 1 5/8" d and in overall very good condition, with one missing ear it appears! His arms can be moved to some extent and will hold in place. I'd guess 1930s or so?