Flowers in Basket, Large 19th C. Theorem-esque Chenille Stumpwork Embroidery on Silk

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The more I look at things, the more I want to find things I've not seen before, and even better when they merge some of my favorite things in unexpected ways. This one is such, an unusual convergence, at least to my eye, of stumpwork embroidery, executed in chenille on silk, with theorem painting--as the embroidery very much mimics a theorem on velvet of a basket of flowers in terms not just of composition but also manner of execution, exemplified especially in the marvelous patterning on that basket. Quite wonderfully done, festively folky but also dexterously executed, and with a shimmer to the chenille quite evocative of reverse glass tinsel paintings too! I have found a few other examples of stumpwork embroideries out there done in chenille, dated from the early to the later 19th century, so am not entirely certain the date on this one, but certainly 19th c. Sold in the antique frame I found it in, which situates it in a certain grandness; a primitive 19th c. dark painted wood frame would send it in a folkier direction. As one wishes, wonderful either way I think.

20 3/16 x 17 framed ; embroidery 16 5/8 x 13 5/8 (I have not opened it up, but a portion of the paper across the back has been torn open; it appears the silk was stretched taut over board and backed with paper.)  Very good condition, clean and bright, with just minor light spotting to the silk around the edges here and there, not detracting. A few smalll dings around the edges of the frame, minor.  It appears that it would be quite easy and clean to remove from the frame to reframe if desired.