Fabulous Handmade Toy Wooden Boxers in Green Shorts

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I'm a huge fan of old boxing toys, of which I've bought and sold a handful, but I've never had, or seen, another I like more than this one. Super folky, and large as far as these go, it seems to me it is likely a one off, modeled on others but its own special thing. I love the very large front feet, the green shorts, and these terrific hand-painted faces imparting terrific character. (One of them reminds me quite a lot of Henry Rollins!)  The push lever at center pushes them toward each other, and when pushed all the way down they'll cross a bit, as if wanting to hug. Really super.

7 3/16" l x 6" t x 1 1/4" w. The figures tilt a bit forward or back, both connected to the same metal strip that is housed inside the base, no real matter, and one shows some paint loss on his forehead on one side, which I think just makes him better.