EW Hall’s Scale of Values Art School Exercise

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This is one of two color studies I’m listing done by an EW Hall long ago for art class, this one representing gradations between black and white. The watercolored rounds are cutouts, pasted down. What I especially like about this "scale of values", as noted by a teacher at bottom right, is that Hall oriented the scale “upside down” starting with black at top rather than white...and why not?!

11” x 14” done on heavyweight sketchbook paper. The paper shows toning—darker along the left edge and bottom where clearly there was something else that sat on top of this for quite some time. The paper at left bottom corner is lighter in color on the diagonal; it is not a fold line. I rather like the effect of this mix of toning, adding another gradation to the mix! C. 1920s-40s I believe.