EEO's 1862 Sketchbook, Filled with Drawings

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It looks from the inside cover that this sketchbook belonged to an Estella (or Estilla) of Bennington (Vermont, I assume) and was gifted to her by her teacher Miss Harwood in 1862. Every page inside is filled, and while not all of the drawings are especially interesting, there are a good few into which our girl seems to have invested quite a lot of energy, and I think those drawings teem with quite a lot of life! I've documented all of them here (and put my favorites first!); there are a total of 13 pages filled. 

10 3/8" x 7 3/4", with all pages still tightly bound and with tissue paper mostly in tact between drawings (one page of tissue has some animal drawing on it.) Some foxing and toning as documented, overall good condition. I've documented each drawing followed by a handful of details.