Composition Panda on Red Wheels Pull Toy, Presumed Hubley

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I believe this charmer was most likely produced by the Hubley Manufacturing Co of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, founded in 1894, though I am not 100% certain as there is no mark that I can see. (I believe it is made out a wood based composite patented by Hubley as"Huboid".)  At any rate, it appears to be a pretty rare one, I'm guessing 1930s or so, and who can resist a panda, especially one on wheels?!! There is a loop of sorts just in front on the front wheels where a rope could be attached should one want to pull him along, though I think he's best left untethered!

4 3/4" l x 3 3/8" t x 2 1/16" w. Some loss of paint as pictured, which I think just makes him more lovable; great structural condition and heavy for his size, and wheels around smoothly.