Bennington Potters Vermont Vintage Large "Fresh Fish" Serving Tureen

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I have a vague recollection of seeing this wonderful fish tureen for sale at Bennington Potters sometime in the 80s, which seems about right. I am not certain if it was designed by David Gil himself, but is definitely reflective of his era at Bennington, and bears a strong resemblance to his various fish platters. Even if one never puts it to use, I think it's a pretty striking object to have around, but how much fun to put this at the center of a dinner party table filled with bouillabaisse?

I believe this originally came with a matching spoon/ladle, which is no longer around, but certainly another ladle can be used.  It's in terrific shape inside and out, with a great mustard yellow glaze, darker on one side toward the tail. (I have seen a couple of other examples in this glaze, which vary greatly in terms of degree of darkening during firing.) There are a couple of tiny white marks on one side near the tail, only visible if one is looking for them, and a couple of small scuffs on the underside (all documented). Approximately 18" long x 5 3/4" tall x 5" wide.