Beloved Max, 1938 (in Handmade Frame and Very Folky Interior)

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Sweet Max. It is a sort of celluloid film rather than glass over the photo here, which has aged some, lending a bit of a yellow tinge to the image. But there was still no way I could resist this 1938 photo of clearly beloved canine with his name written for posterity on the mat that surrounds him. (It appears the frame was custom made to memorialize him, too, with no easy way of taking it apart.) The rest of the photo is interesting too, with what looks to me a lamp fashioned from a rifle, with a hunting scene on the lampshade, plus what I'd guess is a taxidermy bird perched in the window--all making one imagine that Max was  likely a good and loyal hunting companion, too.

9 5/8" x 6 5/8" framed, as found. Good overall condition, with yellowing to the film over the photo as noted and documented.