Beautifully Constructed Antique Tin Ear Trumpet

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I didn't know quite what this was when I found it, but definitely thought it was a beautifully constructed thing, with wonderful horn like form.  A bit of research (including finding a website dedicated to one person's deeply researched collection of several hundred far-ranging ear trumpets) makes me confident that it is indeed an ear trumpet, tin-smith made, mid to late 19th century, which would have been used as a (rather cumbersome but wonderfully performative!) hearing aid. I believe there was probably once  a tapering mouthpiece attached at the small end, and possibly a larger funnel end opening at the other, but I'm really not completely sure about that.  It works well as it is for amplifying sound and would certainly make a game of telephone more exciting, but is also just a terrific sculptural object. 

10 1/2" t x 10" w measured on the square x 2" d at widest and in very good condition, very sturdy and sound, with one small bend in the tin at the narrow end, minor.