Antique Tibetan Buddhist Hand-painted Tsakli Cards, Set of Eight

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I had a partial set of Tsakli cards a year or so ago and have kept an eye out since, as I think they're really beautiful (and just the right size for me!) Though not at all my expertise, from what I understand these were produced as thematic groups or sets, and traditionally were used in initiations of young monks or as visualization aids during ceremonies and rituals. I believe (based on the handwritten text on their faces) that these eight are Tibetan rather than Mongolian, and would guess they date to the late 19th or early 20th century. Part of what appeals to me about this particular group of cards is how much their compositions parallel 19th c. folk art watercolors and theorem paintings, with urn forms bearing fruit, flowers, conch shell, etc, though here of course with symbolic Buddhist associations. 

Each card measures 3 9/16" x 2 3/16". Very good condition, with just light soiling to the corners from handling. No tears of other issues. Watercolor on stiff, card weight paper.