Antique Chip Carved Cigar Box Wood Hanging Brush Box with Original Mirror

Regular price $100.00

This wall box exemplifies a particular style of tramp art--also sometimes lumped into the "Adirondack" category -- that is distinguished by clean lines and these white buttons at the corners.(I'm not sure if there is a specific proper name for it!) It doesn't usually excite me all that much, but this hanging wall box/brush box/shaving mirror is an exception--unusual in experience for incorporating a mirror on the face of the box like this, and with the chip carved detailing along the edges of all of the horizontals. With a very satisfying symmetry that also makes it sturdy on the wall, and printed bits of text on the cigar box wood here and there. A very sweet piece I think, with some nice aging to the mirror too.

17" t x 7 7/8" w x 4" d. Very good, sturdy and sound condition, nice patina, and wired on the back for hanging, with the length of the wire following the lines of the ^ so as not be be visible from the front.