19th Century Penmanship Practice Notebook with Spencerian Bird Drawing

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Really a beauty! Some penmanship practice books appeal to me for the content of the phrases that are repeated, but some, like this one, appeal for the the lettering itself, and in this case, what become almost pure fields of abstract mark making, as single letters are written over and over and over again. The Eliza Ann who did this one, mid 19th century or so I believe, looks to have been quite a good student, creating an excellent example of Spencerian writing, down to this very frame-worthy  drawing of an eagle on the back cover of the book. Wonderful.

9 7/8" x 7 7/8"". 12 pages filled front and back (24 pages of writing.) A mix of black and blue ink.  Most pages are repetition of individual letters, but toward the back are several pages of repeated sentences. Toning and staining to the front cover and some staining to first inside page, bit overall excellent condition and just lovely.