1965 Robert Williamson Color Studies, A Pair (Tempera Plates 2a&b)

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These two from a group of 1965 color studies by a Robert Williamson, found together in my neck of the woods, which, happily, were very carefully kept over the years: all are gorgeous and in near perfect condition. Both of these were wrapped in tissue so have barely seen the light of day; the color on them is pristine. Each light weight board rectangle was painted in tempera, cut with exactitude, and adhered to the watercolor backing paper. As they were done as a pair, showing just slight differences in shade, it seems they should live together, and are quite excellent side by side. Certainly done for an art class, and with great precision and care; surely our Robert earned an A+. The pastel watercolor triangles one this one feel to me like serenity itself! 

Each 12" x 18", excellent condition, color pristine and unfaded, watercolor on heavy weight watercolor paper. Blank and clean on reverses.