Eleanor Rees's 1923 Camp Notebook with Very Excellent Lists

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A small thing, but a great delight; I sure love a good list and this little camp notebook delivers. It appears to have been kept by a Miss Eleanor Rees at Camp Kowanis the summer of 1923. Most interesting to me is the three page list of "honors" right at the front, which appear to have been accomplishments achieved (with cryptically corresponding numbers and colors, which seem perhaps to have related to "beads" mentioned later in the notebook.) Pretty great visually, but really great in terms of the content: "know about flag," "slept with windows open,""six kinds of minerals," "didn't borrow money 3 mos." "wash and iron a lingerie dress," "two kinds bread and cake," altogether creating something of a portrait of what a young woman in the 1920s might aspire to achieve! My favorite of all is another short list at the back of the notebook, with just three items on it: "Be Trustworthy; Seek Beauty; and Be Happy," with carefully drawn squares next to them for checking, and each of which our Eleanor managed to accomplish! No small feat! (If I were keeping this, I would absolutely have to remove that page, frame it, and refer to it every day.) Also with a number of pages of daily diary about camp happenings and other odds and ends. 

5 3/4" x 3 5/8" and in good condition, partially filled and in overall good condition.