19th Century Public School Certificates of Merit - Sold Individually

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I think these are just wonderful, and who doesn't know someone who could use a little recognition of their merits?! These were awarded to a young "Master Charley Geoppinger" in the late 1870s or so by a couple of different teachers - two of them for a hundred merits, one for twenty, one for 15 and two for three. I believe these would have been saved to either cash in for some prize, reward, or further honor, but I am not certain precisely what. I really love the inspirational phrases most of them bear: "You Can if You Will" on the 15, "By Your Daily Conduct Your Character is Formed" on the threes, and "Look Up and Press Onward" at the end of the poem on the twenty!

PRICE IS PER CERTIFICATE FOR THE THREE LARGE ONES, with one of the smaller ones as a bonus with your purchase. Condition is as pictured--some staining and tears around the edges, which to me just makes them more beautiful! 

Twenty merits measures 7" x 3 1/4". One hundreds measure 6 1/8" x 3 1/2". Please indicate at checkout which you would like, and if you have a preference between the 15 and the 3 as bonus, which I will honor based on availability.