Adopt a FIND! Introducing "Rescues"

Posted by Kate Hackman on

With every Critical Eye purchase, I include a short handwritten note of thanks, and I've been thrilled to be receiving personal notes from customers in return, sharing with me a little about the homes and collections into which my finds are finding their place.

This week, I received a fantastic handwritten letter from a couple that included the following line: "You are such a kind person to entrust me with this treasure, which I will indeed love and keep safe always!"  In addition to making me super happy, this really captured the spirit of what I am hoping to do with Critical Eye--discovering and sharing things I find wonderful, in the hopes they will find their to new owners who will truly cherish them as well! (While I would like to make a little money at this, I was born and bred in the non-profit world and can't get away from the fact that mission will always trump financial viability!)

This notion of entrusting customers to be loving caretakers also triggered an idea--rescues!--which you'll now find as a menu category along with other products. These Critical Eye rescues are damaged treasures in need of loving homes... things I've found much too wonderful not to save, but which are fairly wounded, making them a little harder to sell. I'm hoping you might fall in love with one of them and wish to become its caretaker. You pay what you feel is fair, or nothing at all... and together we ensure that these special and hugely empathetic rescues will be saved and loved!

Just shoot me an email at to let me know you'd like to take care of one of these little treasures and what you would like to pay, and I'll send you a special link to complete the adoption!


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