SOLD Wonderfully Weathered and Mended Old Folk Art Duck Whirligig on Custom Stand

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Photos do no justice to this one, the surface of which is fantastically crusty and which has a really wonderful presence-- this duck looks to have flown far and wide but is still flying strong! Found in New Hampshire, earlyish 20th century I'd guess, its body is carved of wood and the wings are metal (steel I believe), all clad in much aged and alligatored paint now, with a few riveted mends to the wings, all to the good. Made as a whirligig and recently given a new custom made stand. The wings still turn easily and pretty smoothly, naturally landing on the horizontal, but a pin or small nail to one side will hold them in a vertical position (which is what I did to photograph.) Very much capturing the spirit of a mallard I think, with a powerful wing span and I especially love the carving of those tail feathers!

Wingspan is 20 1/2" l. On base, it stands 12 3/4" tall. Base measures 7 3/4" l x 3" d. Stable and sound, not shedding, sturdy on its base. Paint is stable.