SOLD Vintage Yorkshire Pig Butcher Shop Display

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So fun to find this guy the other day in Maine, just a few minutes after he had been brought into the shop. I believe he dates to the 1930s or so, and would have been used as a display piece in a butcher's window--because what could be more enticing than a cute Yorkshire pig?! Most of these sort I've found were French or English; I'd certainly think the latter in this case, but he's got a bit of an American feel to him to me, so who knows? Whatever the case, pretty great, and I'd have to think he did the job; the wear to the great paint on the base makes it look as if he was moved from shop window to window to window over many years! 

8 1/2" l x 5 5/8" t x 3 3/4". Good condition, stable and sound, with wear to the paint on the base as evident and a bit of loss to his cream colored paint in a few posts along with a little crazing. I believe he is made of a sort of ceramic/plaster composition material, hollow on the inside but very hard on the exterior.