Wonderful Inuit Stone Carved Beaver or Wolverine

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Definitely one of my favorite Inuit carved stone creatures I've had. I purchased this one from a seller who consistently has excellent Inuit pieces and who described it as a wolverine; I'd trust his instincts, though if one were to want to call it a beaver, I wouldn't argue with that, either! Carved of a beautiful hard gray stone with white veining, and featuring a wonderful face with carved out eyes and nostrils, carved toes on all four paws, and a boxy tail that seems perhaps not quite as wide and flat as a beaver's so maybe that's the distinguisher. He's signed along the side of his belly between his legs, with what looks like KRAHA or similar, and I believe likely dates to the 1960s-70s.

4 13/16" l x 1 13/16" t x 1 1/8" w though feels larger than those sound, and substantial. Weighs about 7 ounces. Very good condition, no chips or repairs, just natural irregularities to the stone.