Striking Victorian Tintype of Three Sisters in Original Case with Pinned Hair Wreaths

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I really loved finding this one the other day in Maine--I was first drawn to the striking, super crisp image of the these three beautiful, serious looking young women, surely sisters, but ultimately sold on it due to the beautifully preserved hair pinned to the purple velvet on the opposite side. There appear to be three different hair samples, one for each girl I assume, the lighter hair braided and the two dark pieces looped into wreaths, then all tacked to the velvet with a fancy pin and purple ribbon to hold them in place. In the photo, in addition to their collective poise and intense straight ahead stares, I really really love the positioning and interplay of their hands!

Case measures 4 5/8” x 3 3/4” x 3/4” closed. The tintype is under glass with gold foil frame/wrap over it. There is some damage (peeling) to the tintype at the lower left corner, as documented, which I think has been there for quite a long time. The hair is in very good condition and tightly secured. The exterior of the case shows wear but the brass clasps close fine with a click and hold shut.