Set of Nine Vintage Burmese Yun-De Lacquer Coasters Decorated With Animals and Mythological Creatures

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This is a wonderful set of 9 vintage Burmese lacquer coasters with very fine incised decoration, each one unique. This type of Burmese lacquer-ware, called "yin-de", is made from a mixture of the juice of the Thitsi tree and ash, which, applied on the surface of a woven bamboo or wood object, forms a hard, glossy surface and turns black on exposure to air; once dry, fine decoration is hand engraved on the surface, then filled with colored lacquer, one color at a time. Embodying many hours of careful and dexterous labor, I think they are just lovely. And useful!

The coasters are in very good condition, with some light scratching to the surface of the lacquer. There is one coaster, pictured, on which there is some loss of lacquer on the backside in one corner.