Scarce Vintage Mid 1950s Andy Warhol Illustrated Two Page Fashion Editorial Spread

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Another one this week that was fun and unexpected to find--this is a vintage c. 1956 or 1957 two page spread pulled from a fashion magazine (either Harper's Bazaar or Vogue I believe, but have had no luck pinning it down precisely despite a bunch of searching) illustrated by Andy Warhol. More attention has been paid in recent years to Warhol's early work as a commercial illustrator, especially for fashion magazines, and a prime embodiment of that work here, down to the handwritten lettering and signature shoe. Nice too that this one was for a Christmas season issue (November I believe, noting xmas as being 40 days away), as an obsession with Christmas ran throughout Warhol's life and work. The angel and reclining nude here would also show up in Warhol's 1956 self published small edition book "In the Bottom of My Garden," which help to date it to right about then. Rare and fun and a visual delight I think, for Warhol fans and fashionistas alike. 

11 3/16 x 17" overall. Pages joined as shown. (Each side 11 3/16 x 8 1/2"). Very good condition, bright and crisp and clearly stored with care. Staple marks at the center and one clean small horizontal tear there, plus a couple of small tears to top edge, minor. All as documented.