Pale Colors, Abstract Forms Vintage Watercolor

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This is the larger of two abstract vintage watercolors I'm listing by the same unknown artist, I'd guess likely done as art school exercises, though I am not entirely certain. They've both got a bit of a Hilga af Klint vibe, and the palette of pale yellows, oranges, blues and greens, transforming as they cross borders of the rounded forms, could not be lovelier. Ethereal, and with the effect of a deep inhale. 

Paper size is 20 x 16 1/2". Very good condition, done on heavyweight watercolor paper. There are two tiny pin holes in two of the corners, relating to hanging it horizontally--but I'm showing it vertically as I prefer it that way; you of course can do whatever you like! (The last photo shows it horizontally consistent with the pin holes.) Overall, my photos of this are not great and show a bit of shadow--in person it is pretty luminous and really lovely. Shipped flat.