Painted Horsehair Plaster Vintage Bas-relief Grecian Couple in Profile

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Pretty unusual, but I think this old painted horsehair plaster bas-relief of what I assume is a Grecian couple (he's wearing a laurel wreath) makes for a pretty striking object to hang on the wall; it rather makes me want to go out and start training for the olympics! I am not sure its history, but assume it was once part of a wall relief, perhaps in a civic building, or maybe even an old gymnasium.

I'd guess maybe 1920s, but am not entirely sure; it certainly has some age, and the horsehair in the plaster is visible around the edges. The paint is a rich brick red with gold on top--a few chips in it here and there, but in overall good shape. The back is pretty flat, so I think it would not be hard to adhere a hanger.  12 3/4" tall x 9 3/4" wide x 1 7/8" deep.