Miniature 1840s Folk Art Painted Portrait of Gentleman in Daguerreotype Frame

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The flat sky-aqua blue ground on this c. 1840 miniature portrait painting really does it for me, combined with its perfect housing, as it always has been, in this 1/6th plate daguerreotype case, the gold foiled mat of which really makes his gold watch chain pop. To me he looks like a banker, keen and steady and perhaps a bit smug about some wise investments, too--and quietly plotting what's next! The small water stain running from his eye to the edge of the painting also makes it feel as if he might be having a premonition! To my sensibilities, a very charming, jewel like thing.

3 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 3/8". Overall very good condition with one water stain/run at upper left and light craquelure as evident. Case shows some wear on the back side (a rare swan design). Glass and mat in excellent shape and highly held.