Louis Retter Music Co "One Life, One Love Waltzes" Sheet Music, 1896

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With its lovely art nouveau image of two women in profile (one about to clang a pair of symbols, I believe!), great fonts,  rusty orange palette, and its fabulous title, this set of sheet music, published by the the Louis Retter Music Company in St. Louis in 1898 could be easily framed. But I'd really love to hear these waltzes played first!

I haven't been able to find out a thing about the composer, B.E. Washborn (the only citation I've found is one that references these waltzes), but I have learned that Louis Retter was himself a highly respected composer, who also published under many pseudonyms, so it seems quite likely he wrote these himself!

6 pages plus front and back cover. 10 1/4" x 14". Very good antique condition, with clear tape wrapping front and back edges of upper and lower corners.