Late 18th C. Exquisitely Hand-painted Chinese Export Cider Jug with Painted Tin Spout Repair

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A most unusual pitcher! This would have been a (hard) cider jug,  c. late 18th century, Chinese export made for the American market, I believe. The vessel was hand-thrown, and the hand-painting on it just exquisite (as well as beautifully preserved)--particularly the lapis blue O with tiny gold stairs on front (and a fainter cursive "M" inside it)--stunning against the white body. (If your initials at MO, this pitcher literally has your name on it!) Then there is the wildly Baroque gilded handle, composed of two braided pieces terminating in four leafy ends. (Research has turned up other examples of these handles; I've included a couple of examples in photos.)

Entirely singular to this one though, and what makes it especially special to me, is the painted tin spout repair, unlike any other I've seen.  Whatever tinker did it took  pains to relate it to the rest of the pitcher, painting the tin white with gold trim (or perhaps it was a collaboration between tinker and owner, who did the painted decoration.) Two rivets on the inside of the spout hold the tin addition firmly in place. Stunning and curious at once. 

8 7/8" tall x 9 1/2" across at spout to handle; 6 5/8" in diameter; 4 1/16" across inside lip. Excellent condition with the repair. Some gold loss on the handles but next to no paint loss elsewhere and the white is super bright. No chips or notable cracks, just a couple of small hairlines on the back of the vessel between the handles, very minor and not at all detracting. The last of three reference photos shows about what I think the original spout would have looked like. (Similar cider jugs of the same manner and age seem mostly listed at @$1000 and up, and that is without the specialness of the repair.)