Handsome Old Handmade, Numbered Black and Red Painted Checkerboard, Under Glass

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Really a smart looking old chess or checkerboard with red and black painted squares numbered in white. The numbers follow standard board notation, with  black pieces occupying squares 1 to 12, and white pieces on squares 21 to 32.  The playing board itself is covered with glass and framed in four pieces of wood nailed to the larger board, making it a good, and a fun one to actually play on--though it seems curious that the numbers are oriented toward the short sides rather than long ends. The seller I purchased it from had described it as a board for postal chess or checkers, which became a thing in the 19th century (and certainly is still, digitally), which could explain the orientation, as one person would be moving both sets of pieces, and so would want the board orientated as shown here.

24 3/8" l x 14 3/8" w  x 1 1/8" d at framed section; board is 5/8" thick. Excellent condition, early 20th century I would think.