Handcarved Vintage Light Wood Whimsy Chain with Anchor Hook

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I've been really loving diving into new genres of things, especially within the realm of folk art, and one of them is carved wooden whimsies like this chain, carved from one piece of wood. I can't even imagine having the ability first to to envision and then execute something like this, but I am so glad there are carvers out there who have and do! I purchased this piece, and two other whimsy chains, from a dealer in Maine, from whom I understand they were made by a G. Deward Davis, based in Stonington, ME, and date from the 1960s-80s. I especially love the carved anchor at the end of this one, which hooks neatly through the chain link at the opposite end...you could wear this one as a necklace, with the caged ball like a precious stone at the center!

If not to be worn, this would be great hung on the wall, either from one nail, or with small nails in a few places at different heights so that it slinks across the wall a bit.  A visible reminder of what time, skill and patience can enable!

The chain measures 15 1/4" long x approx 3/4" wide and deep and is in excellent condition.