Hand-tinted Antique Tintype Portrait of Handsome Man with Wild Hair Chewing Twig

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I have quite a crush on this young man, who I have to think was a bit of an eccentric, or rather a rebel, with this fantastic unkempt hair, terrific plaid trousers and--look closely--a twig hanging poking out of the corner of his mouth. At least I assume it is a chewing twig, though it looks a bit like a cherry stem, in which case I'd like to think he has cleverly knotted the other end with his tongue!:)

 Late 19th century I believe, with his pink cheeks hand-tinted. Good condition, with some wear around the edges and a few scratches and stain, especially near the bottom, and a little rusting visible on the backside. 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".