Hand-stitched Cloth Covered "The Children's First Reader" c. 1892, with Drawings

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I've become pretty smitten with antique fabric covered books like this, with zig zag stitching holding the fabric tight to the inside covers, and even better to find drawings or doodles inside, as is the case here. The book is Ellen M. Cyr's "The Children's First Reader" published in 1892 or so (the title and copyright pages are missing here, but the rest of the book seems to be present.) I really like the fact the the drawings consume the dedication page --"to my dear little friends"--with a bird, a flying creature, a human figure, and "cow". Underneath the fabric on the inside cover is another drawing, which looks perhaps to be a figure, but I don't want to remove the cover to see. Some letter and numbers elsewhere, and many pages feature the page number hand-written next to the printed one, or at least an attempt at it, plus some partial veiled by fabric energetic scribbling on the back inside cover.

7 1/2" x 5 11/16" x 11/16". There are a few pages that are partially torn and one small hole in the fabric on the spine but overall pretty good condition and binding is holding together well.