Super 1950s Vintage Rare Model Vornado Electric Fan

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Not my usual thing for the shop, but it's been so hot, and this fan old Vornado fan is quite a rare model, really great looking, and delivers great relief!  Late 1950s I know for sure--there was a similar double fan window unit made in this this same great three shades of green color scheme--but I've only been able to find a few old photos of this model, which could sit on a tabletop or in a windowsill. The fan itself adjusts from flush front to entirely horizontal, and is quite powerful--much better, and much cuter, than any contemporary fan I've got!  

I took the back off to clean the blades, which was easy to do, and I've given the whole thing a scrub. There is definitely some surface scratching, rust and general wear as evident in photos, but overall its in good condition and works great. There is no on/off switch--plugging in the cord does it! 

12 1/4" w x 10 7/8" w x 5 1/2" d.