Gloria Fletcher Vintage Geometric Abstract Watercolor

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I really love this watercolor, even better in person (the colors are just a bit softer and more luminous than photos convey; I shot in two different lighting situations, and really it is sort of midway between). It makes me think of sunrises and sunsets filtered through paned windows, and also of the marvelous paintings/sculptures of Alan Shields, which I suggest looking up if you are unfamilar!  The watercolor is by Gloria Fletcher (1929-2016), stamped on reverse, and dates I believe to the 1980s-90s or so. (Fletcher was in her 60s when she began working seriously as an artist.) The granddaughter of American painter George DeForest Brush, Fletcher, who spent most of her life in New Hampshire, attended the Cambridge School of Design in Cambridge, MA, and Keene State College, Keene NH.

Paper size: 19 x 14 3/4”. Very good condition, with some color testing at bottom left corner which I think is all to the good. Shipped flat.