Finely Carved Antique Double Ball in Cage Architectural Standing Whimsy

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Very rare that I come across a whimsy as fancy and skillfully carved as this one, which I know was found in Minneapolis, but which I might  guess, based on the manner of hard wood and manner of carving is British, though I don't know for sure. Whatever the case, 19th century I do believe, and quite finely done, all from one piece of wood, with two perfectly round balls in thin walled cages, the top one stepping back a bit from the one below, and two links dangling from the carved loop at top. With wonderful detailing all over, especially around the center, making it feel very much like a work of architecture in miniature, and to my eye at least very much evoking a campanile or bell tower. Very lovely. 

6 3/8" t x 2 1/8" wide and deep at base. Very good antique condition, with just a bit of minor wear to the finish here and there, not detracting.