Civil War Era Hairwork Wreath with Cut Paper Border in Original Carved Frame

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I was thrilled to find this one at an antiques show last week--to my sensibilities an ideal example of a hair work wreath. Mid 19th century, it features at least three or four different samples of hair, likely more, very finely gathered and looped and wound into buds forming the arch of the wreath and then into a larger bow-like flower at bottom. All the better to me for being of this intimate scale, and rarer still for being mounted to a cut paper work, with pale blue paper showing around the perimeter where the cream paper has been decoratively cut. And then this wonderful hand-carved frame, surely made just for it, echoing the cut paper border and setting it off to perfection. Lovely.

6 9/16” x 6”.  Sight: 4 1/16 x 3 1/2. Excellent antique condition, with original wood backing.