Extremely Fine Antique Penobscot Sweetgrass and Ash Splint Basket

Regular price $80.00

While I do love the fancy curlicues and colorful dyed splints of MicMac baskets, at the end of the day it's a very fine braided and woven antique Penobscot Northeast Coast Native American basket like this one--Shaker-like in its material integrity--that really takes my breath away. And this one is as finely done as any I've seen, I'd guess dating to the late 19th century. 

For its age, it is in very good condition, with all of its braids firmly in place, and just a couple of tiny splits to the ash splint. There is a little darkening to the the surface due to age, a bit of dark green stain visible at the center of the underside, and the basket sits at a bit of a slope, a little taller on one side than the other. All this just adds in my opinion to it feeling like a exquisite thing, to be prized and handled with care. Really lovely. 5" in diameter x 2 3/8" tall.