Early Milton Bradley Froebel Kindergarten Blocks - Gift 5 Box, 27 Square Blocks

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I've been reading up on Froebel's invention of kindergarten of late and getting all of Froebel's "Gifts" straight; as I've found is sometimes the case, this is actually 27 undivided cube blocks combined in a Gift No. 5 box, which would originally have housed a combination of undivided cubes and others divided in halves or quarters.(While Gift 3 would have consisted of 8 solid cubes.) So, a hybrid, surely product of a kindergarten with many sets of these blocks, which weren't always put back properly. I don't mind a bit, as there is a lot one can do with 27 cubes, and they're so lovely and special feeling. I found these very close to Springfield, MA, home of their maker, Milton Bradley, who was the leading early producer of Froebel materials in the U.S.--so they seem to have lived their whole lives near home!

Box measures 3 13/16" x 3 13/16" x 3 1/2"; blocks are one inch cubes. A few have penciled marks or numbers on them, which I'm sure could be erased if desired. General wear to the paper label on the box but overall in good shape, with lid that fits nicely and opens easily.