Early 9th Plate Daguerreotype of Folk Art Painting of Young Chlld with Hat and Mirror

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The person I purchased this early ninth plate daguerreotype of a folk art painting of young child speculated that both painting and, likely the daguerreotype, too, were done by Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900), an itinerant folk portrait painter primarily active in the 1830's, who traveled throughout western Massachusetts and the Connecticut Valley. In about 1841, Mr. Field moved with his family to Greenwich Village, NYC, where he opened a studio, displaying paintings and possibly studying photography. Then, in 1847, he moved back to Massachusetts, where he advertised himself as a daguerreotypist, and also continued to paint (by this time, mostly landscapes and history paintings). ( Info from Wikipedia and the New England Historical Society.) 

I've done a bit of studying of Field's paintings and this certainly seems possible, but I don't know for certain. Certainly a wonderful daguerreotype in any event, with charmingly self-satisfied expression on this child's face as she (I presume) holds mirror up in one hand and the ribbon of the feathered hat in her lap in the other, with a handful of toys laid at her feed. Certainly seems a portrait of a luxurious life to me, and perfectly set off by the dark background, which makes it seem almost as if she were floating.

Closed case measures 2 15/16" x 2 9/16". Good antique condition with general surface wear to leatherette case, which does not quite close all the way, but still has original hardware. The image, crisp and clear, shows some spotting and a little discoloration primarily along the top edge, as documented.