Displeased Man in Jacket and Tie c. 1920s Carved Bust

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Another funny head, this one looking quite a bit the sourpuss--perhaps too many hours spent in a coat and tie! Perhaps he was once had a pair of shoulders, too, as there are a couple of screw holes on the underside, and some gold and silver paint on the sides that would have been concealed if there were.  His energetically carved head of hair shows now much mellowed gold and silver paint as well, and there are traces of silver on his chest.  Great face, great ears, and lots of personality, and seems to me a good one to sit on a shelf near the desk, reminding one to take the occasional break!

4 1/2 t x 3 1/8 w x 4” d and in good shape. C. 1920s or so, I believe.