SOLD Colorful Vintage Playskool Large Toy Hourglass

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We don't do a lot of holiday gifting in my family anymore, but I find it hard to give up stocking stuffers--just small doses of pure fun. This c. 1970s Playskool hourglass feels like a perfect stocking stuffer to me (though a bit large to actually fit in a stocking)-- a happy, playful, essentially useless object but one that gives me at least a ton of pleasure! When tipped over, the beads run through the other side very quickly, meaning one can turn it over again for the same thrill just a few seconds later! Certainly one could add this to the pile for the kids, but it's a pretty great looking shelf sculpture, too.

7 1/8" t x 4 1/2" in diameter. Wood and plexi. Definitely used, with plenty of scratches on the plexiglass and a bit of paint loss but still looks great to me and I think more or less indestructible.