Color-Aid Vintage Set of 202 Coordinated Color Swatches, 6 by 9 inch

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Provoking a similar sense of creativity and possibility that a brand new box of crayons once did, at least for me, this is is an unused vintage (c. 1970s) Color-Aid Standard Set of 202 color swatches. Color-aid Corporation created its first color guide system of colored paper in the 1940's for photographers, but it was only after the Color-aid paper system was discovered and adopted by Josef Albers that the system became an integral teaching tool in art and design classes across America and beyond. 

This Standard Set of 202 colors was first introduced in 1948 and remained Color-aid's core product until the introduction of the "Full Set" in 1990, which expanded to include 314 colors.  This color guide pack includes the never-opened set of 202 matte-finished 6"x9" color swatches plus a grid for designating the colors, all in the original box.

9 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 1 7/8". A bit of wear to the exterior of the box but the swatches are in perfect condition.