Charming Framed Schoolgirl Drawing of Fashionable Ladies, c. 1870-80s

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This naive watercolor was clearly inspired by a popular print of the day showing the latest Parisian fashions, and, done on faintly ruled paper, I I believe was likely done by a schoolgirl (who was surely fantasizing about Paris and fine dresses and she painted it!) In addition to the fabulous dresses and, especially, hats, I love how this killer lapis blue plays off the more subdued shades of brown (now; the darker brown was surely once black.) Plus those faces, flowers, that umbrella, and the arches and circles and tall legs on whatever it is the two at right are leaning against! Held in the hands of the lady at left, though subtle, is a letter. To my eye very charming, and all the better for what time has done to the colors.

Sold in the period frame found it in, which is in very good condition and suits it perfectly I think; I think it may be original to it. Framed: 15 3/8" x 13 1/8". Sight: 12" x 9 3/4". Watercolor is in very good condition. Loop at top of frame for hanging.