C.O. Day Vintage 1980s Porcelain Popcorn Necklace!

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This fantastic, beautifully crafted necklace by artist C.O. Day of McLean, Virginia was featured in the Washington Post in December of 1985 as the perfect thing to buy for oneself during tree-trimming season!  I think it would also be pretty great to wear to the movies, or to a gala; really, how much fun to build an outfit around this! Apparently, Day created each piece of popcorn using carefully crafted molds, then hand-finished each kernel using dental tools. The individual kernels are glazed a bright white with yellowy brown details, and if I did not know better, I would think they were the real thing. They are strung, with ceramic yellow-glazed beads interspersed, on what appears to be strong thread or nylon, with a brass screw clasp closure. Super 1980s and super fabulous!

The necklace measures 20" long, with the popcorn beads ranging from approximately 1 to 1 1/2" in diameter. It is in excellent vintage condition, with just a few very tiny dark spots, really only noticeable with magnification. Signed C.O. Day on the first yellow bead.