Beautiful Old Folk Art Train Conductor

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Like the tin and glass tower I just listed, I found this beautifully carved and painted figure in Adams County, PA--and, surely meant to represent a train conductor, perhaps he once stood beside that tower as part of the same model railroad set up; who knows? Certainly he was made with a great deal of love and care, with these gesturally carved arms attached by nails at his shoulders, delicately painted mustachioed face, and a separate piece of wood for the mint green bill of his cap. Most of all I love the hourglass form of his body, with this tiny tiny waist - a silhouette amplified by the white cross  painted across his chest, dotted with four vertical rows of gold buttons. Looking at him makes me long for the glory days of train travel, and I can just about hear the whistle of one pulling into the station!

7 1/4” t x 2 5/16” d (at base). Some loss to one foot and one arm--and that arm has a little bit of give--not threatening to come off, but allowing one to move it forward or back a nudge.