19th C. Pennsylvania Watercolor on Laid Paper - Cornucopia and Flowers

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A somewhat unusual one in my experience, which I know is 19th c. Pennsylvania, ink and watercolor on watermarked laid paper and clearly came out of a notebook. The forms of the flowers and vines and basket are certainly akin to fraktur watercolors, but I've not seen an example, including just in a notebook, so densely packed and precise but also sprawling. Perhaps a sketch for one segment in a larger piece to come, or just  doodling. In any case, what a lot of lovely details, including heart shaped petals on one larger flowers and those wonderful arches of green leaves with red berries. And then these holes burned through the paper at the center of a number of blooms.

7 7/8” x 9 5/8”. Good condition, color is extremely bright and strong. Loss and roughness to upper edge as evident, from where the page was removed from a notebook at some point.