SOLD 19th C. Pennsylvania Schoolgirl Fraktur Type Watercolor in Period Frame

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Most everything I buy I'd be happy to keep for myself, but this is one of those I'd be extra happy to hold on to--a naive 19th c Pennsylvania fraktur type watercolor of birds on branch in super saturated colors, held in the perfect period frame. There is a clarity and boldness to watercolor drawings in this manner that I find as good and satisfying as just about anything, and as I'm finding examples like this harder and harder to come by and more and more pricey when I do, I'm inclined to scoop then up whenever I can. Rich and joyful and who doesn't want to be surrounded by colorful birds? 

Framed: 10 3/8" x 8 13/16". Watercolor (on ruled paper): 6" x 3 7/8". All in very good. condition, with a bit of glare caught in photos. Wired on the back for hanging.